Over the last century, Houston has had over 250 theatres and more than 25 drive-ins, half of those constructed before 1950. Today, only a handful of those original theatres stand. Only one has survived intact from the twenties, most being either torn down or converted in the name of progress. All of the drive-ins from the last century are gone. Many people can still remember the hours spent inside the opulent Majestic, Metropolitan or Loew’s State before they were razed in the seventies, and the mere mention of the names bring back a virtual flood of nostalgia. The younger audiences, brought up in less awesome venues still carry equally powerful memories of the grand Windsor and Gaylynn, as well as the downsized multi-cinemas and the new breed of megaplexes.


Cinema Houston celebrates a vibrant century of movie theatres and moviegoing in Texas’s largest city. This weblog is a companion to the Book, Cinema Houston: From Nickelodeon to Megaplex (University of Texas Press, 2007), and website, www.CinemaHouston.net.

David Welling is a Houston-based writer, artist, and graphic designer. His lifelong interest in movies (and the places that show them) led to the writing of Cinema Houston, which included fifteen years of research, and its subsequent website.

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